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Energy Efficient Windows Houston

Energy-efficient windows from Window World of Houston have helped many Houston homeowners save money and energy year-round, and we can do the same for you!

Energy Efficiency By The Numbers

  • Low-E glass can improve year-round energy performance by 24%
  • Argon glass filling – a better insulator than oxygen – can increase efficiency by another 6%
  • Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer Systems can add another 5% increase in yearly energy-efficiency
  • Our ComfortWorld Windows with the SolarZone™ Insulated Glass package can improve your home’s efficiency by a cumulative 35%!

ENERGYSTAR® Qualified SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package

What Makes the SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package So Special?

The glass in your windows makes up 80% of the entire window system. Thus, upgrading to energy-efficient glass has a substantial effect on heating and cooling costs year-round. Complete with our UV-filtering Low-E glass, insulating Argon gas and Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System – ComfortWorld windows are engineered to improve comfort and combat harmful UV-rays.

Low energy windows winter
In winter, a warmer glass temperature is maintained, increasing the R-value by an additional 104%.
Low energy windows summer
In summer, a 48% reduction in solar heat gain helps cut air conditioning costs.

How does Low-E Glass (LG) work?

  • Reduces long-wave radiation to keep your home cooler in summer months
  • Allows solar rays into your home during the winter and blocks heat from escaping

How does the Intercept™ Spacer System work?

  • One-piece metal alloy, U-channel design acts as a thermal barrier to reduce heat loss
  • One-piece design is better equipped to contain insulating gas than traditional designs
  • Helps keep glass surface much warmer than traditional spacer systems
  • Expands and contracts with changing temperatures for increased durability and reduced sealant erosion
Window heat emissions diagram

Thermography Right Before Your Eyes

The window on the left is a standard insulated glass unit. The one on the right is a SolarBan™ 60 unit with Low-E glass. Notice the increased heat gain on the traditional unit compared to the glass with Low-E insulated technology.



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